Life would be so much simple if we don't care so much

So much hope and thinking about it! I just think that it s’been very lucky for us when knowing that our project have present in top 5 of IC 2010 , but on the other hand, I also think about what we ‘ve tried for a short time. A short time for learning so much things ourselves,  for orienting the works and working at the same time with studying at class. Besides, we have 4 projects along with our subjects at class in about 2 month for learning and coding!?! It ‘s really overloaded for us …!

With all studying pressure from the subjects with the reports/week, the projects and the exams, from the works of a student in the third year, we can’t even complete our project bringing to Imagine Cup 2010. I have felt very weak and dispirited at the time our teacher told us sending that project. We felt very bad because of that incomplete project. I even tried to persuade my team not to send our project…

But, who know? If my friends heard me, we would not have a pleasure time at there or have a chance for meeting those people. I think that I have learned much thing from them, from this competition and from other teams who came from other universities. I adore them for their communicative competence and professional style in working.

Our team (course 07) have just stopped at top 5 projects of IC 2010 equal to the ranking of FPT HN, but our university have another team (course 06) win at the second! We felt very sorry for losing  a good chance  to bring another better result for our university and our teachers who help us power to be there.

I still remember all the time we appeared at Kim Do hotel for IC 2010’s result and a buffer party of Microsoft VN for all of us with all people who joined in Imagine Cup 2010. It’s really interesting time and a little sad (so sad!!!) for all things we tried and lost!

Specially, I can’t forget what that old man said to us at that party of Microsoft VN. And…we have a determination to meet him again in next year, this saying make us think too much, but it ‘ll be motive power to for us making our selves try our best to do s.thing.

Goodbye IC 2010, hope that we can create a chance for us again to meet them again!


Comments on: "Diary for IC 2010" (1)

  1. Good JOB ! see u in IC 2011 ^^

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